Stowe’s commitment to supporting colleagues experiencing pregnancy loss

Trigger warning – this update contains mention of pregnancy loss, miscarriage and stillbirth.

Last year Stowe developed our new and updated family friendly policies, these include emergency dependants leave, fertility leave and support for those who lose a baby during pregnancy (including Manager guidance).

After 24 weeks, the loss of pregnancy is a stillbirth and maternity rights apply, meaning families can take the time they need to recover from their loss.  However, there is currently no law to support and protect those who lose a baby at an earlier stage of pregnancy.

This topic has been in the press in recent weeks as lawyer Keeley Lengthorn, who lost her baby at 22 weeks, has been raising awareness of the Miscarriage Leave Bill.  This bill calls for all employers to provide up to three days paid leave for anyone who loses a pregnancy before 24 weeks.  Read more about Keeley’s story and the proposed bill here.

We know that for many people, experiencing pregnancy loss can be an extremely difficult time and that this loss will affect couples and individuals in different ways.  Our policy provides guidance on how Stowe support colleagues, including paid leave and support with their return to work.

Stowe are proud to have taken a further step in our commitment to supporting any colleagues who experience this tragic loss, by signing the Pregnancy Loss Pledge.  Introduced by the Miscarriage Association in 2021, it is a pledge to ensure that as an employer we will support any members of our team who go through this loss and offer the help and understanding they need.


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