Stowe Workshops – Ramp up your Resilience and Time Management Techniques

We are passionate about our employees’ learning and development at Stowe Family Law. Our teams have recently attended two optional back-to-school courses around Resilience and Time Management Techniques.

Ramp Up Your Resilience with Emma Langton

Resilience is an important personal attribute with a wide-ranging influence on personal well-being, professional performance, and adaptability at work.

We provided a lunch and learn workshop delivered by Emma Langton, which focused on the key areas that enhance resilience and guard against the impact of trauma.

The learning points we spoke about were:

  • Key understandings around how attitudes and thinking styles affect resilience and what simple things can be done to help deal with difficult issues in work and life.
  • How to spot the signs of trauma and overwhelm so we can catch situations before they become too much and put in quick and effective recovery and relaxation that avoids burnout and absences.
  • Simple but effective strategies to improve resilience and boundaries to protect mental well-being, which will also prevent becoming exhausted and overwhelmed by the traumatic type of work.
  • Tools and tips that work to enable colleagues to switch off outside of work so that there is a reduction in events and occurrences that distract people’s attention or intrude into personal lives.

This workshop was designed to give Stowe employees’ the most effective tools and techniques to handle high pressure, demands or difficulties by adapting positively and learning from adversity.

Time Management Techniques with Anna Masheter. 

In this training course, Anna provided Stowe employees’ with practical techniques to help maximise time and touched on practical changes to help feel more in control on a day-to-day basis.

By the end of the workshop employees’ were able to:

  • Define what time management is and the benefits of managing your time well
  • Identify what can get in the way of managing your time well
  • Consider, in an ideal world, how you would like to manage your time
  • Consider how you could align your day with your natural energy levels to help you feel more productive
  • Identify time management tools and techniques that you could use and commit to trying some out

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